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About Squeegee & Me

Squeegee & Me was started after the Real State downturn in 2008-2009. At the time David had his license in Real Estate sales, however, as all real estate sales agents struggled, so did David. He then decided to work on the side helping out friends and family members that needed various cleaning services performed in order for him to make ends meet during the financial difficulties.

In late 2010 he decided to get his business license and business insurance. No sooner did he start pounding the pavement going door to door with flyers and business cards in hopes of acquiring a few

Willing and friendly neighbors that would allow him the opportunity to show them his work ethic and professionalism in the area of window cleaning. Much to his surprise, his tenacity and “adorable” business name made quite an impression on the neighbors. Many referrals started coming his way, and as a result, in the spring of 2011 he hired 4 more employees to tackle the work alongside him in order to maintain he excellent standard of service. Shortly after having his professional team working for him, he partnered with a trusted friend and business partner to add to the list of Squeegee & Me’s services, that of window tinting commercial and residential properties. Squeegee & Me is proud to be partnered with 1 of 2 distributors in Las Vegas that uses the finest brand of film, Huper Optik. Advertising on popular coupon sites such as “Groupon” and “Living Social” also afforded Dave the opportunity to show 500 plus clients Squeegee & Me’s ability to successfully perform the work at hand.

Squeegee & Me is now stronger than ever, more determined and will continue growing from it being just a Squeegee & Dave to Squeegee’s & a trusted team! It has been said that a business that started in a recession and stays in business throughout, is a successful business.


Commercial Work

Makin sure we take care of our clients, and we'll go to great heights!